R&D strength

Rigorous and meticulous work throughout Kama's entire production process:
Imported from abroad, domestic leading production line - the cornerstone of Cama's high-quality products

There are more than 10 sets of die-casting equipment, including 160T-500T cold chamber machine and hot chamber machine, with a equipment capacity of 5 million pieces.

There are more than 20 Japanese BROTHERs, more than 10 sets of Japanese CITIZEN processing equipment, and several other special machine plus equipment.

Two ETC assembly lines, several other product assembly lines.

CNC lathes imported from Japan

Through machine, valve body production line

Through-machine assembly line

Inspection equipment

CMM:Realize the precision inspection function of the size, shape and shape and position tolerance of the workpiece and further complete the tasks of part inspection, shape measurement, process control and so on.

Automatic imager:Through the two-dimensional principle, multi-point measurement points, lines, circles, orphans, ellipses, rectangles are realized, and the measurement accuracy is improved.

Flow Detector:Through the microflow gas measuring device, the aperture of pipelines, cavities, flow channels, etc. is effectively detected to ensure the prevention of pore structure and microporous blockage.

Salt spray testing machine:The salt spray test equipment is used to artificially simulate the salt spray environmental conditions (such as temperature,humidity, sodium chloride solution concentration and PH value, etc.) to evaluate the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials.

High and low temperature hot and cold cycle test chamber:    Detect the degree of endurance of the product under the continuous environment of extremely high temperature and extreme low temperature in an instant, so as to detect the degree of chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the test sample in the shortest time.

Three comprehensive test chambers:It can perform vibration test (with ambient thermometer throttle body drive), durability test (with temperature control curve) and comprehensive performance test of electronic throttle body assembly.

Environmental test chamber
It can simulate the product test environment for related tests, mainly simulating ambient temperature, humidity and other parameters.

Sand and dust test chamber
It can perform dustproof tests such as IP6Kx for electronic throttle body assembly, and the dust concentration can be set.

Rain testing machine
It can test the waterproof level standard for electronic throttle assemblies and other products. Such as IPx4K. IP68, etc.

Japan B12A12 CNC automatic lathe

Japan imported R07 CNC automatic lathe