Classic case

  China Jialing Industry Co., Ltd. (Group)
  Chongqing Loncin Industry (Group) Co., Ltd
  Chongqing Zongshen Locomotive Manufacturing Co., Ltd
  Zonshin Piaggio
  Guangzhou Dayang, Dayun Motorcycle Co., Ltd
  Chongqing Lifan Industry (Group)
  Chongqing Yinxiang Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd
  Chongqing Xinyuan Motorcycle Co., Ltd
  Chongqing Bashan Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd
  Guangdong Sanshui Jialing Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd
  Henan Loncin Locomotive Co., Ltd
  Chongqing Yingang Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Group)
  Chongqing Yu'an Group (Xiaokang Automobile) Co., Ltd
  Jinbei Xinyuan Automobile Co., Ltd., etc
  At the same time, the products are exported to Europe, America, Asia, Africa, South America and other countries and regions