A thousand sails race forward one by one

——Chongqing Kama Electromechanical Co., Ltd


When an era comes, it is not sharp. All things grow freely, dust and dawn rise, rivers converge into the sea, hills rise to peaks, and the heavens and the earth are incomparably open for a while.

In 39 years, the magnitude of the changes in the world is often a world away. Coming to Chongqing Bishan National High-tech Zone, walking into Chongqing Kama Electromechanical Co., Ltd., neat greening, clean and orderly workshops, skilled workers, today's Kama electromechanical has undergone earth-shaking changes. From the 850 workshop of Jialing Machinery Factory in 1979 to a modern company covering an area of 83 acres with total assets of 100 million yuan, Chongqing Kama Electromechanical has proved its courage and pattern to the country and the world with unprecedented creativity.

Throughout the course of enterprise development, the company has put forward strategies such as "innovative development of technology and satisfactory products for users" since its establishment, firmly believing that this is the foundation of enterprise development. In the past 39 years, Kama people have continuously created sales miracles, and through the research of cross-border layout of car and motorcycle oil and gas supply systems, Kama has embarked on a modern road that has amazed the industry.

The wind of reform has laid the foundation


Kama, which started in the late 70s of the last century, was a period of industrial introduction until the 80s. But Kama, which is extremely sensitive to the market, has seen an opportunity from the beginning, spread its wings and seized the opportunity.

Like a long drought, Kama ushered in a huge window of development in the 90s. During this period, the motorcycle market was surging, Jialing, construction and other motorcycle enterprises developed rapidly, and Chinese motorcycles were famous in the world while also filling the gap in the domestic market.

1991 is a node in the history of Kama's development, the enterprise and Japan Keihin Seiki Co., Ltd. established a technical cooperative relationship, relying on its own strength and learning technology, Kama people quickly integrated the two, the technical indicators of the product are also higher than similar enterprises, orders and cooperation have followed, Kama achieved the first take-off in its development history.

The road is long, and I will seek it up and down. Kama's success comes not only from the efforts of everyone from top to bottom, but also from the fact that Kama seizes every opportunity to drive the company's growth. The scale of the enterprise is expanding, the product line has begun to extend, when everyone is still hesitant how to develop and further develop, in 1994 Kama fully introduced the motorcycle carburetor production technology, production lines and products of Keihin Seiki Co., Ltd. of Japan, this year Kama performance by leaps and bounds, new technology, new production equipment let Kama people see a new dawn.

Starting from Kama, looking at the development of 39 years, although this is a little subtle and cannot reflect the whole picture, but there is no trickle, where is the big river?

Weilan moved Haibu New Bureau

In the last 20 years of the 20th century, the factory has gone through an unusual development path, and in the 21st century, this factory, which has made Kama people pour a lot of effort, has a certain strength, but what everyone praises the most is the courage and pattern of Kama's restructuring.

From the first batch of machines built in the 805 workshop in 1979 to the initiative to learn technology from Japan in 1991, the products have developed considerably, and the position and reputation of the factory in the industry have been established. The restructuring of the enterprise in 2001 further opened the horizons of Kama Electromechanical, Kama people are not worried about being a parts processor, they have bigger dreams, they set their sights on the huge mechanical and electrical market of high technology, high level, high quality and high professionalism. In 2001, enterprises began to sound the clarion call for reform and development. The company has also put the development strategy of "innovative development of technology and creation of products that satisfy customers" on the agenda.

The realization of the major historical transformation from the factory system to the company system has brought new development opportunities for the newly established company. In the 6 years after the restructuring, the accumulated technology as a strong backing, the company developed rapidly, 50CC-450CC motorcycle carburetor, 50CC-700CC motorcycle EFI valve body, 1.2L-2.0L automobile throttle body, various models of general carburetor and other major products doubled, sales and profits increased significantly, established a high-quality product brand, technological innovation achievements, and took the lead in the domestic industry to fully achieve zero wastewater discharge. Through reform and restructuring, structural adjustment, project development, conversion mechanism and other measures, Cama Electromechanical achieved its first profit after restructuring.

After the restructuring, the company laid out the research and development, manufacturing and sales of automobile and motorcycle oil and gas supply systems, and laid a solid foundation for the company's development by continuously absorbing international and domestic advanced product technology, process technology and management experience and insisting on improvement and innovation on this basis, and constantly introducing sophisticated processing, assembly and testing equipment at home and abroad. The company's service customers include Zongshen Group, Loncin Group, Jialing Group, Xinyuan Co., Ltd., Yinxiang, Bashan and other well-known automobile and motorcycle enterprises.

Enterprise employees realize their dreams together

Seek development for enterprises and happiness for employees. Over the past 39 years, Chongqing Kama Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has always insisted on relying on employees to run enterprises, caring for employees, and rallying all employees. Adhering to the commitment of "people-oriented, strengthening enterprises and enriching the people", that is, never let the children of a difficult employee not be able to go to school, never let a difficult employee look down on the disease, and never let a difficult employee's family not be able to live, which provides an important guarantee for the reform and development of enterprises.

There is faith in the heart, and strength under the feet. After 39 years of precipitation, Kama people have accumulated valuable spiritual wealth, embodying the Kama spirit of "special ability to endure hardships, special ability to fight, and special ability to dedicate", and the enterprise has successively won the honorary titles of "High-tech Enterprise", "Bishan District Enterprise Technology Center", "Chongqing Enterprise Labor Security Law-abiding and Honest A-grade Enterprise" and so on.

Standing at a new historical starting point, Kama Electromechanical rearmament and re-assembly, no matter how good the state, how fast the pace, how strong the strength, and how many methods, on the journey of innovation and glory, forge ahead, work hard, and strive to contribute to the development of the automobile and motorcycle industry and general machinery, determined to become a respected enterprise in the industry and region.


Cama Mechatronics Timeline

In 1979, the company was manufactured synchronously with Jialing 50 motorcycle as the 805 workshop of the state-owned Jialing Machinery Factory, and the National Day gift was successful;

In 1991, the company established a technical cooperative relationship with Keihin Seiki Co., Ltd. of Japan

In 1994, the motorcycle carburetor production technology, production line and products of Keihin Seiki Co., Ltd. were fully introduced

In 2001, the company was restructured, and the factory was renamed Chongqing Kama Electromechanical Co., Ltd

In 2012, the company won the title of "High-tech Enterprise"

In September 2013, the company moved to Chongqing Bishan National High-tech Zone.

In 2016, the company won the title of "Chongqing Enterprise Labor Security Law-abiding and Honest A-grade Enterprise"

In 2017, the company will have an annual production capacity of 5 million sets of motorcycle carburetors, 5 million sets of general carburetors, and 2 million sets of automotive throttle bodies

In 2017, the company won the honorary title of "Bishan District Enterprise Technology Center"

In 2018, the company sold more than 50 million carburetors